I have been riding high from the exhilaration of the event. I’m on a different wavelength. Ive never met more people united for a common goal. To everyone who helped build this thank you with all our hearts.


To all the bands, you helped us more than you will ever know. We got to see live music the first time in a large stage setting inside Franklin. We expanded minds, you all made it possible. I want to thank Moonshine Creek and Otis for letting us figure a couple things out the first night. We owe you all beers. To everyone from the second day / night y’all made me smile so much. 


To the fire dancers, the pierced people, the graffiti artists, and the freaks, we welcome you to come back, it was great hosting you. 


To the campers, you brave souls, I applaud your bravery, and can’t wait to see y’all again. 


To the general public we welcome you to come check out the stage, think big. Expand your horizons and let’s make something beautiful.