The following information applies to all of the Altered Frequencies concerts and events.

What to Bring
To make the most of your day/evening at Altered Frequencies, bring a fun attitude, a lawn chair or blanket for relaxing, You might also want a hat, sunscreen, bug spray or other protection from Mother Nature. If it looks like rain, you might want an umbrella. Don’t forget the most important thing – your family and friends for sharing the fun, the music, and most of all, the magic!

Restrooms, Food, Beverages

Altered Frequencies is easily accessible for physically challenged patrons.

Cell Phones
During the concert, please keep your phone in silent or vibrate mode. We love Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and encourage you to Tweet and post about the performers and the fun you're having during the show. If you are using your laptop or tablet, please sit toward the rear of the lawn so that the light from your screen will not distract your fellow music lovers.

Your furry family members can come to the concert, but they must be on a leash and under your control at all times, well behaved, not aggressive or disruptive, and you must clean up after them. If a dog is aggressive or disruptive and spoils the concert experience for others, you will be asked to come back to enjoy a concert another time. Please also consider if the concert volume is appropriate for your dog's sensitive ears.

The Kids
All of the Altered Frequencies concerts/events are family friendly, and the Altered Frequencies is a great place for the kids! Please be responsible for your children, and make sure they don’t disturb the people around you who are there to enjoy the concert. Please also stop your kids from littering, destroying any of the venue’s artwork, and for their safety, please don’t let them climb on or around the large speakers at the front of the stage.

Appalachian weather is unpredictable, and Altered Frequencies concerts may be cancelled at the last minute due to lightning or bad weather. The first place to check on a concert's status is the 24-hour Information Line at 828-349-4787. Cancelled concerts and weather updates also are posted on the Altered Frequencies Facebook page, Twitter, the Altered Frequencies website.

Venue Policies
Altered Frequencies, a outdoor music and event venue in Franklin, NC. For the enjoyment of all our Alter Frequencies visitors who are there for a pleasant evening of music under the stars, please observe these rules during your visit:

  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed in Altered Frequencies.

  • Please park in designated areas only. Secure any valuables left in vehicles.

  • Bicycle racks are available.

  • No Firearms

  • No glass containers are allowed.

  • Please clean up your area, and deposit litter in trash receptacles.

  • Please recycle your plastic and cans in the recycle bins.

  • Please keep pets on a leash.

  • Please clean up after your pets.

For additional information regarding Altered Frequencies, please visit, Altered Frequencies.
You can contact Altered Frequencies at 828.349.4787 or