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Grand Opening of ALTERED FREQUENCIES! Nov. 2 through Nov. 4

An amazing bill of entertainment! Adult Halloween Costume Party (Saturday Night), vendors, food, and beverage. Come and join us as we launch the newest, loudest, largest outdoor music venue in our area!

Get $1 off the cover charge on Friday & Saturday if you come in costume!

Friday-$6 General Admission (VIP tickets available for $20)

Saturday-$9 General Admission (VIP tickets available for $25)


All tickets sold at the gate.

More info at: facebook.com/events/2122075401145342/

Scheduled To Perform:

Friday(Gates open 6pm)-Young 35, ScottELo, Performance by Sinister Suspension, Ghostmeat, and DJ Samson

Saturday(Gates open 1pm)-Forrest rivers, Ant Bee’s Jam, Nick & Forrest, The Paper Crowns, Bobby Weaver (Comedian), DJ Tape Fire, Dirty Dutch Trio, White Oak Splits, Performance by Triple 9, and Adam & Elsewhere

Sunday(Gates open 1pm)-Yoga with Beyond Bending Yoga, Jonathan Newell, Angela Faye Martin, A. Lee Edwards, and Daddy Rabbit

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Free JimBo KickStarter Pre-Launch Party
5:30 PM17:30

Free JimBo KickStarter Pre-Launch Party

Come join us for a little music and to hear about a Kicksarter campaign unlike anything Franklin has seen before! 

On FRI 8/17 -- come join us @ Altered Frequencies from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM to get a feel for what Altered Frequencies has up its sleeves! Follow all the progress this business has been making and the great plans it has for all of the Franklin Community. 

Afterward, we'll head to the Lazy Hiker for some musical artistry in their Yard, 


of course you have the option to stay behind and enjoy Altered Frequencies while we’re gone..

SAT 8/18 -- We'll be having an open house available to anyone who wants to come in and try out the new sound equipment (within reason, please don’t come hammer down on this gear unless you’ve been playin in like a real band for more than two garages practices for the first time last year) Be cool while we celebrate with currahee brewing and winding stair farms. 


A late-night session is available for anyone who wishes to be entertained from 11-2-- come by to enjoy the scenery while DJ Sampson Kicks off our first AH@AF party for that late night crowd!

In the meantime, we wanted to leave you with this message from our Owner/Founder, Jimbo Ledford, and his message about Franklin's first and only outdoor music centered venue (Altered Frequencies):

"Altered Frequencies is the realization of a dream that I never knew I had. All of this started as a back entry into my home that quickly became what people are appropriately referring to as the Stairway to Heaven (lol). The vision just kept growing and I couldn’t turn away from it for long. I tried again and again to put the AF dream on the back burner in order to breathe life back into my suffering plumbing business, to no avail. A destructive, ongoing divorce has reminded me that the universe knows best, and has turned my focus to this dream, which becoming not only a reality, but a necessity. 

It’s taken every cent we’ve earned, every cent we could borrow, and every second of time and effort we could muster, but we are here. The stage is almost done, the outdoor, open air, VIP box is ready, our state-of-the-art sound system is dialed-in and waiting to go boom, and our lighting system is hung and patiently waiting to illuminate the night with magic and wonder.

We have big plans for Altered Frequencies, well beyond phase one. We still need to finish our permanent outdoor bathroom, our double-level, outdoor, rooftop dining, and the side stage VIP seating. In addition, we hope to purchase the other half of the building we occupy from our long time partner and friend, which would allow us to move forward with our plans for a commercial kitchen and a small 3 barrel brewery to satisfy the needs of the venue. We would also like to invest in a recording studio that would allow local and traveling musicians to tighten their sound and produce their music. 

We’ve come a long ways at AF in a short amount of time and have found comfort and solace in our small piece of heaven known as Franklin, NC. We hope to share this seemingly secret town and the beauty of these Smoky Mountains that it sits nestled in, to the world. AF is a small piece of the puzzle that we believe will help Franklin become the beacon of life, community, and hope that we know it is. ❤️ JimBo"

This event will be FREE
ALL AGES until 9PM / 21+ AFTER 9
SPREAD THE WORD so we can make this next endeavor even more incredible than the last!

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About the Venue

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4:00 PM16:00


This Friday we will break out our equipment and we want to invite you over for band practice. We will have a Free Me Friday at 6pm on Fridays for the foreseeable future. 

We invite the public to come see the venue, meet our team, and fully realize our vision of bringing a premier, outdoor, live entertainment venue to beautiful downtown Franklin.

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